The SR Alto Professional is modeled after the SR Tenor Professional, and has a .085 inch tip opening.  With a moderate baffle and medium chamber, The SR Alto Pro combines a strong altissimo with a warm core sound.  This mouthpiece is suitable for a diverse range of styles reaching from Johnny Hodges to David Sanborn.  Computer machines from solid brass and gold plated, supplied complete with Rovner ligature and cap.  Suggested Retail Price $525


The SR Alto Legend Polycarbonate and Alto L-85 Polycarbonate are based on the design of classic "New York" mouthpieces of the 1950's and 1960's.  The "Legends" are identical except for tip opening.  The Legend tip opening is .078 inches, and the L85 tip opening is .085 inches.  Computer machined from Zelux-M, a polycarbonate resin which is similar to the material used in bullet proof windows, they are virtually unbreakable.  The Legends are extremely versatile mouthpieces, good for jazz, lead alto and "legit" work.  Both are supplied with Rovner Ligature and cap.  Suggested Retail Price $450

ALHRCropThe SR Alto Legend Hard Rubber and Alto L85 Hard Rubber are patterned after our very successful polycarbonate model of the same name, and are computer machined from the finest German hard rubber.  Our own interpretation of classic "New York" alto mouthpieces that are so coveted and desirable today.  Our own proprietary design of tip, table, rails, baffle and chamber, combined with the latest computer aided manufacturing techniques, produce a mouthpiece with tremendous reproducibility, darkness, core and power.  This enables the saxophonist to perform diverse styles of music with beauty and finess.  The SR Technologies Alto Legend Hard Rubber mouthpiece  has a .076 inch tip opening; the Legend85 tip opening is .085 inches.  Both are supplied complete with Rovner Ligature and Cap.  Suggested Retail Price $500


AltoTitanHRCroppedThe SR Alto Titan Hard Rubber is an entirely unique model.  Its dimensions and tip are identical to our Alto Legend Hard Rubber, except for the careful placement of a slight baffle near the throat.   Computer machined from the finest German hard rubber. The results are a slightly quicker response and brilliance to the sound without any compromise in intonation.  Tip opening is .078 inches.  Supplied complete with Rovner Ligature and Cap.  Suggested Retail Price $500